Welcome to BRANKO SLOVAKIA – a turkey breeding farm

BRANKO Slovakia, a.s. is over 45 years engaged in a special agriculture industry – breeding turkeys. We deliver hatching eggs and day old poults.

Our specialized farming focuses mainly on the heavy type BIG 6. Nowadays, we have almost 90% of the Slovakian market and have a stable partnerships with the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. After becoming a member of EU we have expanded our export to Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherland, Slovenia, Romania, Lithuania, France, Croatia as well as to Turkey, Russia and Ukraine.

Why we are special

One of the most important factors of our successful results is the great quality of the parent material. We partner with a turkey breeding company Aviagen Turkeys (UK) that deliver us the certified parent material. Working with this company guarantees us the superior quality of our day old pouts and hatching eggs.

Health and safety

Our entire stock is subject to a strict veterinary control and meets the highest standards of EU. We pay a big attention on our farms to a very strict bio-security program. We use only a high quality forage that is enriched in vitamins and minerals. Branko Slovakia a.s. holds a certificate of quality according to ISO 9001:2000

Production & Support

Our annual production is approximately 8.5 mil hatching eggs. The majority of our production is hatched in our own hatchery. Turkey BIG 6 are hatched throughout the whole year.
We educate our customers and provide them a free consulting service.
Hatching eggs and day old poults are delivered in our special air-conditioned trailers to the clients.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.